Research and development

FARE Labs is a qualified research organization and is committed to conducting cutting-edge industry oriented research by aiming at a problem solving approach with innovative solutions. It has conducted extensive research in various fields that include:

Quality Product and Technology Development

Quality Product and Technology Development


FARE Labs has actively played its part in development of new testing protocols, new compound isolation & quantification, new quality parameter establishment and development of lab management systems.

Research and Development recommendations made by FARE labs have been implemented by the industry on a regular basis.

FARE Labs has consistently collaborated with its sister engineering company to scale up research recommendations into commercially viable technologies.

FARE Labs boasts of a highly qualified team that it has put together over a period of years. This team consists of distinguished scholars coming from leading institutes such as IITR (Lucknow), NBRI (Lucknow), IIT Kanpur, HBTI (Kanpur), Delhi University, Punjab Agricultural University (Ludhiana), GNDU (Amritsar) etc.

The Research Advisory Board constitutes of eminent professors from leading institutes such as Delhi University, IIT Kanpur, Jamia Milia (Delhi), Calcutta University, Bombay University, HBTI (Kanpur), IIP (Dehradun).

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