Consultancy and training

FARE Labs has a very capable Consultancy Division that has rich and diverse experience in providing consultancy and training services to its clients. The services include:


C2C* Projects

Process Audit & Improvement

Quality Audit & Management

Energy Efficiency

Effluent Treatment

Environment Management

Yield Improvement

Production Cost Management

Capacity Utilization

Inventory Management

The Consultancy Division is well equipped with the knowledge it regularly gains from its other divisions (Analytical Testing and Research & Development), and FARE Labs’ sister engineering firm.

It is this valuable knowledge that FARE Labs leverages to assist its clients in meeting their various manufacturing processes, technology and quality related requirements.

FARE Labs also provides consultancy for laboratory set-up in microbiological, chemical, environmental and pollution streams and assists laboratories in applying and preparing for various national & international accreditations.



Training services for Laboratory & Manufacturing personnel

Short-term refresher courses for experienced personnel

Beginner Programs for fresh recruits

These training programs can be coordinated at the client site or FARE Labs’ premises as per client’s preference.



* Consumer to consumer

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