Our mission, vision, and values

FARE Labs proudly stands by its mission, vision, and values that serve as an inspiration to its employees working continuously in pursuit of excellence.



Our mission

To become a source of national pride by contributing to the world of scientific and industrial research and development in the diverse areas of chemical, biotechnological and environmental technology.

Our vision

To assess the needs of scientific and industrial community on a continuous basis, and accordingly identify focus areas for research and development.


To generate technology and process improvement related knowledge for the benefit of industry, environment and public at large.


To regularly act as a bridge between the academic and industrial community, and facilitate a meaningful and mutually beneficial interaction between the same.

Our values

Integrity, accountability and client confidentiality.


Attention to issues of domestic and global relevance.


Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.


An unfettered spirit of exploration, rationality and enterprise.

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